EMD are the best Signage Company in Cape Town that helps with sign repairs and perspex-signs manufacturing. 

A sign is a visual  image of what your business represents and must always  be cared for. A simple refurbishment or a good repair job to your existing broken-or-faulty sign can be just as effective as if having it redone completely new. Any sign can be transformed into a great new look. The truth about signage in general is that most people have little knowledge about the signage industry and therefore don’t know what questions to ask and what to expect about it. With a sign-company like Cape Town Signage, we share the truth and will tell you exactly what is good or bad for your business. We’ll ask questions on your behalf and find out who do you want to attract or target. If you know what you want, then we'll listen and do as per your request. EMD Cape Town Signage works on a 24 to 48 hour response time on the go basis, meaning. We will do your quotation within 24 to 48 hours providing we have all the details. You may click here to get a quote. We also deal with a high volume of quotes daily and do appreciate the fact that our cuctomers calls us directly. Enjoy your browsing in finding the right sign for your business. We wish you the best of luck with your new signage for your business.

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At Signage Cape Town, we  prefer  to  keep  things  simple. Being in the industry  for  8 years and plus, we have learned that keeping  things simple  works  best always. Simply write down the details of the job, confirm the details with your client, get it signed off and do the job as per the order. We  can  help  you  with  most  of  your  signage  questions. Our core business is signage  installations, repairs, refurbishments and creating new graphic  design  layouts and so much more. We work with only the best  products and materials in this industry.  


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A business without a sign is sign of no business. How does signage help your business. Its simple. Firstly, don’t  get  ripped off by long sales pitches from people selling and promising the idea of long and extended guarantees and warrantees. Pick your contractor carefully because there are some really good guys as well as bad guys in the signage industry. All  signage deteriorates over a period of  time depending on good quality workmanship delivered. It’s normal for signage to grow old and deteriorate, as do all things in life. In general signage normally lasts for 1 to 5 years and sometimes even for more then 10 years providing natural cause never caused any real damage. The best of signs grow older then 15 years with you or without you. Some never die and grow their own business.

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