EMD is the number #1 signage salutions company in South Africa. Our core business includes making brand new signs daily which includes large digital format printing, bill boards, illuminating light boxes, 3d backlit signs and a variety of other media applications. We also do sign maintenance, removals and cleaning of older signs. We also replace broken transformers and neon tubes. Fixing a neon signs is an extremely dangerous job to tackle and should not be attemted by any inexperience individual. You may sock and die if you do not know what you're doing!

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Did you know. To create, manufacture and install a sign, is actually a unique form of PERFECTION?

A business without a sign is sign of no business. How does signage help your business. Its simple. Firstly, Don’t  get  ripped off by long sales pitches from people selling and promising the idea of long and extended guarantees and warrantees. Pick your contractor careful because there are some really good guys as well as bad guys in the signage industry. All  signage deteriorates over a period of  time depending on good quality workmanship and based on whether  their  was ever mutual  respect and honesty shared between both parties involved and of course, subject to some prior  brainstorming about the job and before they signed the contract. It’s normal for signage to grow old and deteriorate, as do all things in life. In general signage normally lasts for 1 to 3 years and sometimes even for more then 5 to 10 years providing natural cause never caused any real damage. The best of signs grow older then 15 years with you or without you. Some signs never die and grow their own business.

Thank you for visiting our website. We wish you all the best with finding the right sign for your business. We’re always looking to improve on service when it comes to our customers. Feel free to leave a comment in the message box below. Your opinion is important to us. Our gallery page is filled with lots of signage images that may help you find the right sign for your business. Click here to view our Galley Page.     

Help Line : Speak directly to a technician : Call now 071 6711 561

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